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Devils Range (Valhallas)
Parent Area: Valhalla Range

Area: 50 sq km.Location: The Devils Range is a long ridge that extends eastward from Black Prince Mountain to The Devil's Couch, between Evans Creek and Gwillim Creek.

Top Trips
Mount Buri and almost Mount Urd (Valhallas) Robin Tivy
Beyond The Devils: Mount Bor and Urd Peak Sandra McGuinness
Definitely Not a Bore: Climbing Mount Bor (and Buri) in Valhalla Provincial Park Sandra McGuinness
Not Quite Hell: Five Days in the Devils Range of the Valhallas Jordan Peters
Hotter Than Hell - Peak Bagging in the Devils Range Sandra McGuinness
The KMC does the SE Ridge of Lucifer Peak Sandra McGuinness

Top Photos
Banshee and Diablo from Mount Prestley Sandra McGuinness
Among the Devils: The Couch and The Spire Sandra McGuinness
The Dark Prince: Devils Dome and False Devils Dome Sandra McGuinness
Chariot Peak and Thor Lake Sandra McGuinness
Evans Lake and the Devils Range Doug Brown
South Side of Devils Dome Jordan Peters
Mount Diablo and Banshee Peak from Chariot Peak Jordan Peters
Valhalla Sun Down Mike Wickett
Under a Darkening Sky: The Devils Range from Drinnon Peak Sandra McGuinness
Lucifer Peak from Black Prince Mountain Sandra McGuinness
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