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White Goat Wilderness (Whitegoat Wilderness)
Parent Area: Front Ranges

Area: 434 sq km. Location: Located east of the Columbia Icefield, bordering with Banff and Jasper National Parks. North of the Cline River and south of the Brazeau River. Includes: Cataract Group Terrain: This area protects the eastern boundaries of Jasper National Park which in places is only 2 km from the Banff-Jasper highway. It completely protects Cataract Creek, Mount Stewart and the Cloister Mountains.

The biggest peak in the area is Mount Stewart, with a height of 3312m and prominence of over a thousand meters. The treeline is at about 2100 metres. The forests are Engelmann & white spruce, fir & lodgepole pine. Above 2100 metres, vegetation consists of grasses, sedges & wildflowers; flowering season begins at lower elevations in June & finishes in the high alpine meadows in mid-July. Wildlife includes bighorn sheep, mountain goats, woodland caribou, elk, mountain lions, wolves and grizzly & black bear.

Travel is by foot only; open fires are prohibited; hunting & fishing are prohibited; all litter & refuse must be packed out; human waste should be buried at least 60 metres away from any water source. History: White Goat Wilderness Area was established in 1961.

Top Trips
Whitegoat Wilderness Traverse - Owen Creek to Beauty Creek Robin Tivy
Mount Willis - A White Goat Wilderness Gem Vern Dewit
An Ascent of Mount Stewart Rick Collier
An Ascent of Cirrus Mountain via Huntington Creek Vern Dewit
Two Decades of the Whitegoat Peaks Orvel Miskiw
Two Attempts and One Success on Cirrus Rick Collier

Top Photos
Mount Stewart from the South Eric Coulthard
Mount Willis from Cline Pass Vern Dewit
Strong Winds Peak Eric Coulthard
Lonely Peak from the Northwest Rick Collier
Mount Stewart Southeast Ridge from Lower Cataract Creek Robin Tivy
Tuft Peak Eric Coulthard
The Ramparts of Afternoon Peak In the Morning Rick Collier
Francis Peak from the Northwest Rick Collier
Panorama from Cirrus including Tuft Peak Vern Dewit
Mount Stewart from the West Rick Collier
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