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Sumas Mountain Provincial Park

Area: 37 sq km. Location: Originally it only covered the north side of Sumas Peak, and including Chadsley Lake. However as of 2012.05.27, the park has been expanded to include the south side as well. The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and Metro Vancouver announced on Tuesday an agreement to jointly protect and enhance lands in the Sumas Mountain area for conservation and recreation.

The Sumas Mountain Interregional Park will include existing park lands currently managed by the FVRD and also incorporate green space on the mountain’s south and west flanks owned by Metro Vancouver and the City of Abbotsford.

Together, those lands span a total of 1,471 hectares in the heart of the Fraser Valley – an area equivalent in size to almost four Stanley Parks.

Top Trips
Abby Grind Trail towards Taggart Peak Robin Tivy
Sumas Peak - Chadsley Lake Loop Robin Tivy
Rockclimbing on Sumas Mountain Bluffs Mike Guite

Top Photos
Sumas Peak from Chadsey Road, Chilliwack Wayne Weber

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