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Place Glacier Group

Area: 192 sq km. Location: Located at the western end of the Cayoosh Range, 10 km NE of Mount Currie Includes: Saxifrage Peak and Cassiope Peak. Terrain: Although the area is referred to as the Place Glacier area, the Place Glacier itself occupies only a fraction of the area. A popular 3 day club trip in the 1980's was to get up onto the Place Glacier from the Duffey Lake road via N Joffre Creek. At the end of the creek there is a steep little climb, and one is exposed to some avalanche danger from above, although there is nothing that a skier would set off himself. The typical campspot was just west of Mount Olds. On the second day, one could ascend Mount Olds and other peaks, and ski a steep traverse around to the west of Olds and come out on the northern edge of the Place Glacier. History: Traditionally in the 1980's the Place Glacier trip was a popular club trip and the approach was from the Duffey Lake Road.

Top Trips
Lil'wat Mountain from Spetch Creek Simon Chesterton
Summit Fever: Cassiope and Saxifrage via Spetch Creek Robin Tivy
Cayoosh Southwest Ridge Laurent Mingo
White Peak, Olds and Oleg from Spetch Creek Simon Chesterton
Promises to Keep -- Adventures on the East Face of Cirque Jordan Peters
Scrambles around Place Glacier David Campbell
Saxifrage Mountain - South East Ridge Tim Gage
Long Weekend on the North Joffre Horseshoe Traverse Manouane Deschenes
North Joffre Creek Horseshoe Scott Nelson
Cassiope Peak via South Ridge Chris Kiely
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Top Photos
Cirque Peak - North Ridge Steven Harng
Saxifrage Mountain Dan Carey
Olds and Oleg from Gardiner (Place Glacier Area) Simon Chesterton
Mount Oleg and White Peak (Upper Spetch Creek) Simon Chesterton
Valentine Lake near Cassiope Robin Tivy
Gates from Gardiner (Place Glacier Area) Simon Chesterton
The "Insides" Couloirs Jordan Peters
Mount Olds and White Peak (Place Glacier) Simon Chesterton
Peaks at the Head of Eight Mile Creek Jordan Peters
Looking Down the East Gully on Cirque Peak Jordan Peters
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