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Ha-iltzuk Icefield (Silverthrone Icefield, Hailtzuk Icefield)
Parent Area: Silverthrone Monarch Area

Area: 2839 sq km.The historical name in this area was the Silverthrone Glacier. But looking at the map, the Hailtzuk Icefield also incorporates the are to the north, traditionally the Klinaklini Icefield.Location: The Silverthrone Glacier lies about 50 km west of the Waddington Range, and immediately south of the Monarch Icefield. On the east, it drains via the Klinaklini River into Knight Inlet. It is drained on the west by the Machmell River into Owikeno Lake and Rivers Inlet. The south side is drained by the Kingcome River and tributaries.

Terrain: The Ha-Iltzuk is the largest icefield in the southern half of the Coast Mountains. It lies west of the Klinaklini River, west of the Waddington Range. The peaks tend to be quite a bit more straightforward than the peaks in the Monarch Icefield, immediately north of it.

Silverthrone and adjacent peaks are volcanoes; this is the next link in the Ring of Fire north of the Meager Group. The distance between Silverthrone and Meager is attributable to offshore tectonic plate dynamics.

Don Munday called Silverthrone "home of the snows". It has notoriously wet weather. This is why the Klinaklini Gl. descends to only about 300m above sea level. Take extensive rest day reading material if planning a traverse here.

History: The first mountaineering visit was by the famous pioneering climbing couple of Don and Phillis Munday in the 1930s who made the first ascent of Mount Silverthrone by walking up the Klinaklini Glacier from the head of Knight Inlet (CAJ 1936). The Mundays, of course, are best known for their discovery of Mount Waddington. The next visit was by John Clarke in 1973, who was dropped off via air at the north end, traversed south through the Tumult Range and exited at Sim Creek. (CAJ 1974). The area has been traversed several times since then. There is little developed technical climbing in the area. Most of the obvious challenges are not in the central, icefield portion, but rather on the lower granite spires which border the icecap to south and west.

Top Trips
Traversing West from Silverthrone Mountain to Smiith Inlet Dave Williams
Kingcome Horseshoe Route John Baldwin
Kingcome to Knight Inlet - Route John Baldwin
Monarch to Ha-Iltzuk Icefield Ski Traverse Sam Mckoy

Top Photos
Paragliding off Silverthrone Sandy Briggs
Klinaklini Peak Sandy Briggs
Coast Mountains in Late Winter Drew Brayshaw
Satsalla Divide John Baldwin
"Charnaud Towers" Double Cirque from Charnaud Creek Drew Brayshaw
Unnamed Summit in the Coast Mountains Drew Brayshaw
Silverthrone Mountain - North Side Don Funk
Lava In The Rainforest Drew Brayshaw
Panorama from Klinaklini Peak Sandy Briggs
Satsalla Lake John Baldwin
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