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Laurentians-Ungava Range (Quebec-Labrador)
Parent Area: North America Ranges

Area: 2436483 sq km.null

Top Trips
Torngat Private Search Expedition Andrew Lavigne
Lewis Hills High Point (The Cabox) - From Trans-Canada Highway Fred Touche
Newfoundland Railway By Bicycle Len Zedel
Climb of Gros Morne in Winter Len Zedel
Cross Canada Road Trip (And Culture Exchange) Robin Tivy
Blow-Me-Down (in spring) Len Zedel
Long Range Traverse Fred Touche
Folly on Bears Folly Len Zedel
Gander River Canoe Trip Len Zedel
Blow-Me-Down (in winter) Len Zedel
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Top Photos
Mount Caubvick (Mont D'Iberville) David Wasserman
Rope Cove Valley, Lewis Hills, Newfoundland and Labrador David Wasserman
Gros Morne in Winter Len Zedel
Mount Caubvick South Face David Wasserman
Descending the Minaret Ridge of Mount Caubvick David Wasserman
Cirque Mountain from Minaret Ridge David Wasserman
Minaret Glacier and Mount Cladonia from Minaret Ridge David Wasserman
Rappelling down the Koroc Step on Mount Caubvick David Wasserman
Tablelands Panorama Lee Lau
Lewis Hills: High Point of the Island of Newfoundland David Wasserman
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