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Pantheon Range
Parent Area: Waddington Area

Area: 1930 sq km.Location: The Pantheon Range is located directly north of the Waddington Range. The Pantheon, Waddington and Whitemantle ranges form the divide between the Kliniklini R to the West, and the Homathko R to the east. To the north and south, the Pantheon portion of the ridge is bounded by passes. The north boundary is the pass between Kliniklini and Homathko just W of Tatla Lake. The boundary to the south is Bifrost Pass, just above 2000m. South of that, you are in the Waddington range.

Terrain: The Pantheon Range consists of major uplifts separated by broad U shaped valleys. Glaciation is much less at present than in the Waddington Range. There are many rock towers and pinnacles in the Pantheons. Rock is a mix of solid granite and older metamorphic rock of variable quality.

The Northern Pantheon range is generally a much less rugged area than the central Pantheons and is more suited for ridge rambling than technical climbing.

History: The Pantheon Range is named from a Greek word meaning literally, "all the gods". Individual peaks are named after figures from world myth and religion. Interestingly enough, the names are somewhat scattered around, so that two Greek deities are found, for instance, on either side of a Sumerian, with a Norse nearby.

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