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Arctic Islands
Parent Area: North America Ranges

Area: 4245862 sq km. Location: The Arctic Islands extend all the way to the North Pole. This is the Canadian Arctic. Terrain: The terrain of the Arctic Islands is barren, and without any tree cover. However some pockets of the northern islands support rich vegetation, birds and various mammals in the short arctic summer. The treeline roughly coincides with the Arctic circle, 67 degrees north. Above this circle there are days in winter when the sun never rises, and days in the summer when it never sets. The islands are all further north than the Arctic circle. The southernmost large island is Victoria Island, which extends down to Resolution Island, on the southern tip of Baffin Island extends down to 63 degrees.

Top Trips
Devon Island Sled Hauling - To the Ragged Edge of the World Sandy Briggs
Baffin Island Ski Traverse 2007 Sandy Briggs
Sverdrup Pass Traverse, Ellesmere Island Manrico Scremin
Extreme Sightseeing in Sam Ford Fiord Area of Baffin Island Manrico Scremin
A Tour of an Unnamed Glacier in Auyuittuq National Park Rick Collier
Kayaking the Thomsen River, Banks Island Dave Quinn
Where the Narwhal Blow - a Kayakers Journey to NW Greenland Jane Whitney
In Franklinís Footsteps, an Arctic Hike Klaus Haring
Damocles - From Southeast Klaus Haring

Top Photos
Barbeau Peak Kevin Altheim
Mount Odin's Massive South Face Preston McEachern
Devon Ice Cap from Space Kevin Altheim
Mount Odin and Mount Northumbria's West Ridge. Dave Hodge
Qiajivik Mountain, North Baffin Island Sandy Briggs
Looking across the Devon Ice Cap Kevin Altheim
Mount Asgard from South David Wasserman
Eglington Tower from Northwest Manrico Scremin
Walls of Sam Ford Fiord, Baffin Island Sandy Briggs
Nanna and Breidablik Peaks in Auyuittuq National Park David Wasserman
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