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Waddington Range
Parent Area: Waddington Area

Area: 1774 sq km.Location: About 300 km northwest of Vancouver, between the Homathko River and Klinaklini River. The northern boundary is Bifrost Pass and the Pantheon Range; the southern boundary is Scar Creek. Terrain: The remote Waddington Range receives much precipitation in the form of rain and snow, and contains the highest peaks in the Coast Mountains. Most of the range is covered with enormous icefields, and boasts some of longest alpine walls in subArctic North America. The approach is usually done with aircraft, but some groups have skied in from the fjords to the west or the Chilcotin Plateau to the east. History: The area was first explored in the 1930's by groups led by Don and Phyllis Munday. Since then it has gone on to become the most popular and best developed range of the Coast Mountains outside of the area within weekend range of Vancouver. Despite its relative popularity this is still a wilderness area, seeing only a few parties per month during the busiest parts of the season in spring and summer.

Waddington is still considered by many to be the most difficult 4000m peak in North America. (Remember that this definition excludes all the peaks in the Rockies, since none are 4000m".

Top Trips
Pantheon and Waddington Range Traverse David Campbell
Mount Waddington-South Face from Dais Glacier Mike Anderson (Utah)
Waddington Range - Dais Glacier Ski Camp Paul Kubik
Mt. Waddington ACC Summer Climbing Camp Orvel Miskiw
Mount Waddington Main Summit 1979 Bill Maurer
Ski Camp in the Waddington Range Sandra McGuinness
Kingcome to Knight Inlet - Route John Baldwin
Mount Waddington on Skis John Baldwin
Serra Five (Mount Waddington Area) Doug Artman
The Route of Stanley Smith in 1893 Robin Tivy
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Top Photos
Waddington from Northwest Summit Fred Touche
Mount Waddington and Combatant Mtn. Don Funk
Combatant Mountain and Mount Tiedemann from the Southwest Don Funk
Combatant Mountain, Tiedemann, and Asperity from the South Don Funk
Mount Waddington - Southeast Side Don Funk
A Gap in the Northwest Ridge of Mount Waddington Don Funk
Mount Waddington - Southwest Face Don Funk
Mount Waddington Summit in Winter John Scurlock
A Veil of Cloud Over Frontier Mountain Don Funk
Mount Hickson - Northeast Face Don Funk
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Alpine Journal Articles
1928 Mount Waddington W.A. Don Munday

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