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Wyoming Rockies
Parent Area: US Rockies

Area: 314298 sq km. Location: Although titled Wyoming Rockies, this region includes NE Utah and parts of southeastern Montana. The alternative potential name was Yellowstone Rockies, but as the region includes areas well away from Yellowstone, such as the Wasatch Range, the name Wyoming Rockies was chosen instead. Rough boundaries are the Great Red Desert in the SE, the Missouri River in the north and northwest, the headwaters of the Snake in the west, and Great Salt Lake to the SE.

Top Trips
Froze to Death Plateau - Attempt on Granite Peak Klaus Haring
Grand Teton Upper Exum Ridge nice but 50 Classics nice? Alex Joseph
Climb of Mount Wood and Pyramid Mountain Klaus Haring
Granite Peak, Montana - July Richard Carey
Hellmouth Couloir - Alex Lowe Peak Kyle Christenson

Top Photos
Gannett Peak from the Northeast Klaus Haring
Granite Peak from Plateau Kyle Christenson
Kings Peak Kevin Altheim
Blacktooth, Cloud and Bomber Kevin Altheim
Crazy Peak Kevin Altheim
Grand Teton - North Face Kevin Altheim
Electric Peak Kevin Altheim
Mount Wood Plateau Klaus Haring
Beartooth Mountain from the Pass Klaus Haring
Mount Timpanogos - West Aspect Kevin Altheim
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