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Chugach Mountains (Chugach Range)
Parent Area: Alaska Ranges

Area: 53836 sq km. Location: The Chugach Mountains lie between the Saint Elias and Wrangell Mountains on the E and Talkeetna Mountains and Anchorage on the W, around where the Kenai Peninsula starts. To the N lie the huge wetlands between the Chugach Mountains and the eastmost extension of the Alaska Range. Terrain: The Chugach Mountains make up about 1/3 of Alaska's glaciated area, or 10,000 square miles. They extend for more than 500 miles. They are rugged with many large glaciers flowing down from the high icefields. Although the icefields and glaciers are thinning and retreating this area still gets huge amounts of snowfall.

Top Trips
Chugach Mountains Ski Traverse Dave Williams
Chugach Mountains East - Ski Traverse Dave Williams
Chugach Traverse 2009 Nigel Campbell

Top Photos
Mt. Marcus Baker & the Chugach Mountains see from Prince William Sound Ed Cooper
Berg Lake - Chugach Mountains Kevin Altheim
Schwan Glacier and De Long Peak Kevin Altheim
Looking North down the Matanuska Glacier Craig Hollinger
The Largest Glacier in the United States - Bering Glacier Kevin Altheim
Cleave Peak and West Branch Cleave Creek Glacier Kevin Altheim
Wortmanns Glacier and De Long W27 - W22 Kevin Altheim
Checking Out the Tarr Icefall Craig Hollinger
Mount Tom White and Bering Glacier Kevin Altheim
Matanuska Glacier Icefall Craig Hollinger
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