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Cantilever Range
Parent Area: Lillooet Ranges

Area: 475 sq km. Location: The Cantilever Range lies between the Stein River and Kwoiek Creek, near the Fraser Canyon. It is the central and highest part of the Lillooet Ranges. The main bulk of the range is concentrated around Skihist Mountain, with a long arm running eastward toward the Fraser River. The western boundary is the pass between Nesbitt Creek and Kwoiek Creek, which is just below 7000 feet. Terrain: The rock in the Cantilever Range is mostly granite, but many of the faces have considerable loose rock. The range itself is not very heavily glaciated, with only a few small glaciers around the highest peaks. The ridge tops mostly travellable. One common traverse is to gain the eastern arm above Kwoiek Creek, then traverse westward to reach Skihist mountain. By early July, most of the snow is gone.

Top Trips
"I won't be in to work tonight" : Skihist Mountain Greg Jones
Gateway to Petlushkwohap Mountain Don Funk
Petlushkwohap Mountain from Stein Valley Parking Lot Robin Tivy
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Top Photos
Skihist Mountain - NE Perspective Justin Brown
Skihist Mountain - East Side Don Funk
Petlushkwohap and Skihist from Far North Fred Touche
Skihist Lake from our campspot Greg Jones
Petlushkwohap Mountain- East Side Don Funk
Mount Roach N Aspect Justin Brown
Petlushkwohap Mountain - South Ridge Don Funk
Mount Roach - South Side Don Funk
Antimony Mountain - (North) East Face Greg Jones
Autumn Peak - Northeast Ridge Don Funk
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