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Slocan Ranges
Parent Area: Selkirk Mountains

Area: 5728 sq km.<br> The Slocan Ranges are south of the Duncan Ranges. The highest peak is Mount Cooper in the Goat Range. Sub-ranges include Lardeau Range, Goat Range, Nakusp Range, and Kokanee Range.

Top Trips
Deep in the Goat Range: Cascade Mountain, Poplar Lakes, Mount Marion attempt Dean Richards
Climbing Kane Peak from Gibson Lake Sandra McGuinness
Easy In, Easy Out: Across the Nakusp Range on Skis Sandra McGuinness
Good Times in the Badshots: Ferguson to Armstrong Lake Sandra McGuinness
Ski Touring in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park Sandra McGuinness
Kemp Creek Horseshoe: Trafalgar, True Blue and Kemp on Skis Sandra McGuinness
Mount Chipman - South Ridge Dean Richards
Sandon Peak on Skis Sandra McGuinness
Through the Backdoor to Kokanee Glacier Park Gili Rosenberg
Avalanches on Nasokwen Mountain Sandra McGuinness
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Top Photos
Cond Peak, Sawtooth Ridge and Kokanee Glacier Doug Brown
Mount Denver and Goat Range from Gladsheim Drew Brayshaw
John Carter and Small Falls of Upper Sapphire Lake Greg Jones
Now You See It, Soon You Don't: The Rapidly Disappearing Kokanee Glacier Sandra McGuinness
Mount Grohman Sandra McGuinness
Northwest Peak of Caribou Ridge Doug Brown
Cascade Mountain from the Southeast Dean Richards
Trout Mountain from Great Northern Mountain Sandra McGuinness
Pyramids and Kaslo Lake Area (Kokanee Glacier Park) Greg Jones
Mount Wilkie Sandra McGuinness
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