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Swannell Ranges
Parent Area: Omineca Mountains

Area: 22924 sq km. Location: The Swannell Ranges lie between the Finlay and Nation Rivers (N and S, respectively) and between the Hogem Ranges (W) and the Finlay Ranges (E). The western and eastern boundaries are fault-line valleys which are best desribed by referring to the boundary walk below. These ranges take their name from the Swannell River, which is in their heart, and which is named after pioneer surveyor extraordinaire Frank Swannell, who explored more of BC than maybe any other explorer of either the modern or frontier periods. The northernmost area of the range, and the highest (being centred on Mt Cushing) is north of the Finlay, between Thudaka Creek (E) and Geese Creek (W) and south of the divide between those two creeks, which is also the southern limit of the Thudaka Range and the Cassiar Mountains; in some systems this area might (or should) be included in the Cassiar Ranges, but the guildelines set by Holland will be observed (in this case, anyway).

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