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Hogem Ranges
Parent Area: Omineca Mountains

Area: 8867 sq km. Location: The Hogem Ranges lie between Takla Lake and the Skeena River, on the west, and the Omineca-Pinchi Lake fault on the east, meaning a line of various rivers running south from Thutade Lake, ultimately to the Omineca River and, beyond it, the head of Tchentlo Lake on the Nation River system. Holland describes their northern limit as Thutade Lake but is vague about the boundary between there and the Skeena. This encyclopedia has chosen the Mosque River and an unnamed stream between South Pass and the upper end of Thutade Lake as that boundary, since BC Basemap shows anything north of that as being the Tatlatui Range, which Holland does not name at all. It may be that the angle of mountains between the Niven River and Thutade Lake, NE of South Pass, is supposed to be in the Tatlatui Ranges, but here that area is assigned to the Hogem Ranges. Similarly, in the Carruthers Pass area, an eastern route, apparently that of the fault, has been chosen for the boundary, via an east fork of the Asitka River and a similarly east fork of Carruthers Creek, via Whistler Basin Pass and Quenada Creek, but it may be that Carruthers Pass is meant to be the boundary; consultation with a geological map showing the route of the Pinchi Lake-Omineca Fault may correct this, but the charting editor chose the straightest apparent line between Moosevale/Sustut Lake and the Omineca River as being correct.

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Sustut Peak Wally Werstuik
Mount Forrest Wally Werstuik
Aereo photo of Sustut Peak Wally Werstuik
Mount Bates Wally Werstuik
Unnamed mountains of the McConnell Range Wally Werstuik

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