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Border Ranges
Parent Area: Canadian Rockies

Area: 5059 sq km. Location: These ranges lie east of the Elk River and south of Lodgepole Creek and the Flathead River, comprising the southernmost section of the Canadian Rockies. Their American counterpart are the Montana Ranges. The northern boundary as proscribed by Holland has been used here, i.e. from Lodgepole Creek via McLatchie Creek to the Flathead River (which he names as the southeastern boundary of the Fernie Basin, which lies immediately north), rather than via Harvey Pass to the Flathead River via Harvey Creek, which seems more obvious in one way; on the other, the mountains east of McLatchie Creek are considerably more mountainous than those to the west, so belong in a mountain designation rather than in a basin. Holland names Elko as the western borderpoint, but that has been adjusted slightly south here, to the confluence of the Elk and Wigwam Rivers, which seems more logical.

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