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Kechika Ranges
Parent Area: Cassiar Mountains

Area: 5401 sq km. Location: The Kechika Ranges lie west of the Kechika River, bounded on the south by the lower Frog River and on the north by the lower Red River. The western boundary follows a trench system roughly parallel to the Rocky Mountain Trench, which is the range's eastern boundary (where the Kechika flows), and which is used by the Dall and Deadwood Rivers, with short transverse sections on the Turnagain and Major Hart Rivers. The area west of the Deadwood River, i.e. between the Red River and the Dease River, may be part of the Kechika Ranges in a geographically logical sort of way but this is not shown on any map; another similar exception is the small quadrangle of mountains between the lower Frog and lower Rainbow Rivers farther SE up the Trench.

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