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BC Interior Mountains (Interior Ranges)
Parent Area: North America Ranges

Area: 221325 sq km.Location: This huge area constitutes most of the northern two-thirds of BC between the Coast Mountains and the Rockies, and includes a good chunk of the southern Yukon. The principal subdivisions are the Skeena, Cassiar and Omineca Mountains, and the various small ranges on the inland lee of the Coast Mountains between the Bulkley and Bella Coola.

Top Trips
Overland Traverse of Mount Edziza Plateau Robin Tivy
Climb of Mount Cronin (in Babine Mountain Park) Kathie Wagar
Edziza Ski Traverse - Bukley Lake to Arctic Lake Betsy Waddington
Traversing East of the Gamsby and Kimsquit Rivers Dave Williams
Mount Priestley, first ascent John Gill
Cronin - Higgins Loop with climb of Cronin Robin Tivy
Weeskinisht Peak Climb Matthew Reid
Caribou Mountain Alpine Loop Robin Tivy
Silvern Lakes Hike and climb Refuge Peak Robin Tivy
Northern BC Traverse 1997 - Stewart to Fort Nelson Bob Saunders
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Top Photos
Howson Peak - First Ascent Route Christoph Dietzfelbinger
Photo of Mount Marilyn (Mount Francis?) from meadow S of Swift River Cliff Jennings
Mount Priestley and the Nass Valley Bryan Last
Tsaydaychuz Peak from Thunder Mountain Don Funk
Grizzly Bears on Mount Edziza Christoph Dietzfelbinger
Skiing in the Howson Range John Baldwin
Kispiox Mountain from the east Graeme Pole
Seven Sisters from the Skeena Valley David Campbell
Backwater Corners of the Coast Mountains: Smaby Peak Glenn Woodsworth
Mount Edziza From the Northwest Robin Tivy
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Alpine Journal Articles
1957 The Accident on Mt. Howson Sterling B. Hendricks