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Boundary Ranges
Parent Area: Coast Mountains

Area: 87100 sq km. Location: The Boundary Ranges are the northern half of the Coast Mountains, from the Nass River all the way to Alsek River, spanning the BC-Alaska Boundary, and excluding the ranges of the Stikine Plateau (in the angle of the Stikine and Iskut Rivers). The mountainous islands of the Alaska Panhandle are included in this area, as are the ranges between the Atlin area of BC and the Champagne area of Yukon Territory.

Top Trips
Overland Traverse of Mount Edziza Plateau Robin Tivy
Edziza Ski Traverse - Bukley Lake to Arctic Lake Betsy Waddington
Stikine-Iskut 3 Week Ski Traverse 1994 Betsy Waddington
Stikine Icecap - Endicott Arm to Tracy Arm Dave Williams
Skukum Peak Attempt via Southeast Ridge Dean Richards
Northern BC Traverse 1997 - Stewart to Fort Nelson Bob Saunders
Nass Icefield Traverse - May 1-14 1995 Betsy Waddington
Coast Range, Saint Elias and Chugach Mountains Traverse (multiyear) Dave Williams
Iskut River to the Unuk River - Hiking Traverse Dave Williams
Exstew River to Nass River - Where The Peaks Are Plenty (on Foot) Dave Williams
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Top Photos
Mount Ratz from the East John Scurlock
Scud Peak and Mount Hickman David Campbell
Devils Paw - From the Air to the East Matt Lucas
Devils Thumb Northwest Face John Scurlock
Kates Needle - North Face John Scurlock
Burkett, Burkett Needle, Devil's Thumb From North John Scurlock
Ambition Northeast Face from Air John Scurlock
Looking Back at Peak 8095 from Camp Dave Williams
Ratz, Northeast Face from Air John Scurlock
Nourse Peak from the North (Telephoto) Dean Richards
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