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Chehalis Group (Douglas Ranges)
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 2181 sq km.   Location: The Chehalis is located north of the Fraser Valley, between the Stave Lake/Stave River drainage and Harrison Lake. The northern boundary is Sloquet Creek. Terrain: Generally speaking this area is a series of east-west trending mountain ridges enclosing creeks which drain either west to Stave Lake, or east to Chehalis Lake. Rock is excellent granite and there are large north faces on most of the peaks. The northern portion of the area, around Robertson Peak, is aligned more...more

Top Trips
Sentenced by the Judge - Mount Judge Howay Attempt Fred Touche
Chehalis Self-Propelled Jason Addy
First Ascent of Robertson Peak Doug Kasian
Robertson Peak - Second Ascent Drew Brayshaw
Deroche Mountain Loop Hike Robin Tivy
Misty Icefields Traverse - Sure I'm Interested Jon Ley
Judge Howay - First Attempt Robin Tivy
Taming the Judge - Mount Judge Howay Attempt Two Fred Touche
Judge Howay - Request for Leave To Appeal Paul Kubik
Viennese - Clarke Traverse Janez Ales
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Top Photos
Robertson - East and Northeast Faces from Peak 2011m Drew Brayshaw
Harrison Hill from the Northeast Wayne Weber
East Ridge of Clarke Jason Addy
Stonerabbit Peak South Side Routes - With Cross-Examination Steven Harng
Mount Agassiz from the Southeast Wayne Weber
Beat The System (5.11a) - Grainger Peak (looking up) Lyle Knight
Mount Bardean and Ratney Summits with Alpine Flowers Janez Ales
Rock Band Below Grainger Peak Steven Harng
Approaching Robertson Summit Col Drew Brayshaw
"I'm Not Convinced The Rock Is All That Good" Drew Brayshaw
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