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Sutton Range
Parent Area: Vancouver Island Ranges

Area: 448 sq km. Location: This range is in the area between the headwaters of the Nimpkish River (W/SW) and those of the White River (E). Portions of the southern boundary are formed by upper branches of the Oktwanch and Gold Rivers, via Holiday Creek and Waring Creek, respectively. The Oktwanch is a tributary of the Muchalat River.

Top Trips
Warden Peak, Keep Cool... Do Not Freeze. Peter Rothermel
Sutton Peak Air Mattress Expedition Len Zedel
Warden Peak on Short Notice Len Zedel
Warden Peak, West Ridge Len Zedel

Top Photos
Sutton from "Third" Lake John Robertson
Mount Schoen and Schoen Lake David Campbell
Maquilla Peak from Mount Cain Parking area Justin Lynch
Sutton Peak from the North John Robertson
Kokummi Mountain Len Zedel
Sutton Peak from the East Len Zedel
Approach to Sutton, 1986 John Robertson
Maquilla Peak John Robertson
Sutton Peak Summit John Robertson

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