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Haihte Range
Parent Area: Vancouver Island Ranges

Area: 75 sq km. Location: This range is SE of Zeballos Peak and west of the Tashsis River. Its southwestern boundary is the Nomash River; Zeballos Lake is on the NNW boundary, the south end of Woss Lake is immediately E. Terrain: Haihte is pronounced "Hay tee", like the West Indies Island. It means "fishhead". The majority of the range is within Woss Lake Provincial Park. It contains some of the largest remaining glaciers on Vancouver Island. The 1:50,000 topo maps are very inaccurate in this area, often not showing glaciers, or showing glaciers where none exists.

This ice face in the photo has completely melted away since the photo was taken in 1993. The frozen lake that the climbers are standing on did not exist until the 1980'. Air photos from 1970's show the area as a glacier. But the glacier is melting back very quickly. Nevertheless, the amazing Haihte range is a great place for fine Island mountaineering.

Activities include rock and ice climbing, and also skiing. The many spires make it seem like a small version of Patagonia.

Access to the range is difficult. The lower slopes of the range drop in cliffs on all sides, with only a few access points up to the glaciers. The routes that exist are prone to avalanche activity if the snow is not stable. Because it is close to the coast, there are many cloudy days (which is exactly why there are glaciers). There are also fierce winds in the area.

Top Trips
Rugged day, Rugged Mountain Len Zedel
West of Woss and East of Eden: Rugged Mountain Len Zedel
North West Ridge (With Variation) - Rugged Mountain Henrik Hinkkala
South Face - Rugged Mountain Henrik Hinkkala
Nomash Main Approach Fraser Harris

Top Photos
Northwest Face of Rugged Mountain in Winter Sandy Briggs
Haihte Spire from "Haihte Lake" Sandy Briggs
Haihte Range: Merlon, Ya'ai, and Haihte Peaks Len Zedel
Haihte Range and Woss Lake David Campbell
Vegetated Ledges on descent of Rugged Mountain summit Sasha Kubicek
Upper Rugged Glacier Camp Sasha Kubicek
Rugged from Mount Cain Justin Lynch
Hiking up to Nathan Creek Col and Rugged Mtn Sasha Kubicek
Haihte Range Southwest Blades (Minke Peak) Sandy Briggs
Viking Dome, Sphinx, and Rugged Mountain Sandy Briggs
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