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Edwards Range
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 179 sq km. Location: North from Ape Lake Pass area (one range further north), between Nordschow and Gyllenspetz Creeks (on the N and S) and the Nusatsum and Talchako Rivers (E and W)

Top Trips
Monarch Icefield Ski Traverse Betsy Waddington
Route Description to Ape Lake Don Funk

Top Photos
Nordschow Peak from The East Benoit Landry
Polar Bear Peak - South Ridge Don Funk
Nusatsum Falls Fred Touche
The Nusatsum Divide, Northeast from the Summit of Polar Bear Peak Steve Sheriff
Polar Bear Peak Fred Touche
Edwards Range from South Drew Brayshaw
Polar Bear Peak - West Ridge Fred Touche
Fyles Glacier Panorama Fred Touche
Jacobsen Peaks from the South Ridge of Polar Bear Peak Steve Sheriff
Ape Lake Trail North of Polar Bear Peak. Steve Sheriff
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