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Joffre Group (Matier Group)
Parent Area: Lillooet Ranges

Area: 154 sq km. Location: Located on a 1-km high plateau, south of the western portion of the Duffey Lake Road. Terrain: This group is composed of a compact set of rugged mountains and glaciers. The largest glacier, Matier Glacier, is very steep at its bottom edge and located above Upper Joffre Lake, which can be reached via a well-maintained trail. The smaller Anniversery Glacier at the head of Cerise Creek can offer good powder skiing in the winter. The rock in the area is granitic, but varies from solid to loose and broken. The biggest rock faces are the NE side of Joffre, and the SW side of Matier. History: Peaks in this area had their first recorded ascents in the 1950's and 1960's.

In the latter part of the 1960's, continuing into the 1970's, John Howard's "Alpine Crafts" guiding company ran mountaineering courses into the area on a fairly steady basis. Many of the classic easier routes on the peaks were developed during this period.

The Alpine Crafts guides gave many of the peaks provisional names which can be seen in the 1974 Culbert guide. However, the Geographic Names committee recognized that many of these peaks already had names bestowed on them by the Lil'wat First Nation, and made the latter names official. Most of these names have become the commonly used ones. The exception is Slalok, which many older climbers still call "Rex's Pillar".

Most glaciers can be reached in a few hours from Duffey Lake Road and most peaks climbed in a day or two, making it an ideal area for teaching mountaineering courses. Since the completion of the Keith Flavelle Hut in 1986 near the head of Cerise Creek, it has also become a popular winter destination for back-country skiers.

Top Trips
Spring Ascent of Mt. Matier from Joffre Lake Gareth Evans
Mount Caspar from Van Horlick Road Ramsay Dyer
Mount Matier via Northwest Face - A Nice Steep Snow Climb Bram van Straaten
Cayoosh Southwest Ridge Laurent Mingo
Climbing Joffre's Australian Couloir Gareth Evans
Ski Traverse over Mount Kosengarten, head of Caspar Creek Robin Tivy
Tszil Crossover Attempt- When should one turn back? Robin Tivy
Gearwalking Joffre Peak: An Ascent of the East Face Mitch Sulkers
Slalok Mountain Ski 2017 Jonathan Polak
Caspar Creek Ski Trip: An Ascent of Mount Duke Andrew Rennie
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Top Photos
Matier Northeast Ridge at Sunrise Brian Wawro
Approaching summit of Vantage Peak Greg Jones
Mount Howard - Northeast Face Greg Jones
Joffre Group Panorama Paul Kubik
Joffre - Northwest Ridge in Spring Stephen Skog
Climbing the West Ridge of Slalok Todd Ponzini
Mount Duke from South Ridge of Vantage Peak Steve Sproule
Camping Out amongst the Joffre Group - Mount Hartzell Gareth Evans
Mount Caspar from the South Ramsay Dyer
Tszil Mountain Zoran Vasic
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