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Britannia Range
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 270 sq km.   Location: This range is well-known but not by its formal name; it is that part of the North Shore Mountains west of the Capilano River, i.e. Brunswick et al.

Top Trips
Brunswick Mountain's North Face from Deeks Lake Benoit Landry
Hollyburn Mountain Ski via the Brothers Creek Fireroad Robin Tivy
Magnesia Meadows Ski Trip Robin Tivy
Magnesia Harvey Ski Loop Robin Tivy
Cathedral Mountain Self-Propelled Jason Addy
Overnight trip to climb the Lions Gareth Evans
Brunswick Mountain's North East Couloir Serguei Okountsev
Alberta Creek rescue & recovery Paul Kubik
Reconnaisance of Gotha Peak (South of Mount Windsor) Klaus Haring
Lions Trail Mayhem - Trail Repair Photos Paul Kubik
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Top Photos
Brunswick and Hat From Deeks Peak Gerry Kollmuss
The Lions from Magnesia Meadows Simon Chesterton
The Lions from James Peak. Simon Chesterton
Thomas Peak, North of the Saddle of the Lions Paul Kubik
Brunswick Mountain from the North Klaus Haring
Mount Harvey's 'North Face Ramp' Chris Kiely
Brunswick Mountain from the North Zoran Vasic
East Lion and the Capilano Watershed Justin Brown
Mount Hanover from Mount Windsor Simon Chesterton
Deeks Lake Simon Chesterton
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