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Cadwallader Range
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 336 sq km. Location: Mountains between Birkenhead Lake/Blackwater Creek(S) and Cadwallader Creek (N), and Noel Creek/Sockeye Creek(W) and Anderson Lake (E). Terrain: These peaks tend to be gentle on the south sides and steep on the north. The area around the Brian Waddington Hut is granitic in geology, while the higher peaks further north are composed of the same metavolcanic rocks as the adjacent Bendor Range. History: The first gold strike in the Bralorne area was made in 1860 by a party of prospectors which included a man named Cadwallader. Subsequently, much of the northern part of the range was thoroughly explored by prospectors. Ghost towns and abandoned buildings are found from Bralorne all the way up Cadwallader Creek to McGillivray Pass.

Quoting from <i>Bridge River Gold</i> by Emma de Hullu:

"Cadwallader, a Scotsman, who gave his name to the creek on which the two big gold mines of Bralorne and Pioneer are situated, is mentioned as having been an experienced miner who guided a party of Italian miners into the Valley in 1863. On this occasion he was financed by a subscription raised in Lillooet, and by 50 pounds granted from the treasury, by Governor Douglas."

In 1960, a jade boulder weighing over 100 tons was found in Noel Creek, and another of similar size was found in Cadwallader Creek. Above the head of the creek, in the area of McGillivary Pass, a jade mine prospected and operated by Delina Noel was once a going concern, as also others in the area."

Also from <i>Bridge River Gold</i>:

"In spite of many rosy dreams of large fortunes to be made by placer mining on the Bridge River, the largest 'take' we have found recorded was one by Cadwallader, who was repurted to hvae recovered $1400 in gold dust from Cadwallader Creek, opposite the mouth of Noel Creek - pretty 'small potatoes' compared with some of the strikes made in the Cariboo."

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