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Shulaps Range
Parent Area: Chilcotin Area

Area: 975 sq km.Location: The Shulaps Range is a long thin range running northwest between the Yalakom River and the Bridge River. The range is about 60 km long and 8 km wide. It is about 40 km northwest of the town of Lillooet and 70 km north of Pemberton. Its northern boundary is the valley shared by the headwaters of Mud Creek and upper Churn Creek, which separates it from the South Chilcotin and the high plateau separating Quartz Mtn, the last in the Shulaps Range, from Poison Mountain, which is reckoned to be part of the Camelsfoot Range.

Terrain: The Shulaps is a high range of very dry peaks, often free of snow and more suitable for hiking than skiing by the end of May. The peaks are windswept and do not usually accumulate much snow, except in sheltered bowls. Due to their inland position, inclement weather is often more forgiving here than further out toward the coast - a day that would be heavy rain or whiteout on the coast will often be a high overcast in the Shulaps. History: The name "Shulaps" means the ram of a mountain sheep, while the name of the Yalakom River refers to the ewe of a mountain sheep. Both these are approximations of the difficult to use Tsh'ilqotin (Chilcotin) originals.

No motorized access is allowed in the Shulaps range above 1920m. (6300 feet).

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