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Babine Range
Parent Area: Skeena Mountains

Area: 4077 sq km. Location: This range is between the Bulkley and Babine Rivers, north from Smithers and northeast from Hazelton. It is not a contiguous massif, but rather a collection of ranges broken up by low, fairly broad valleys. The main "clusters" are around Mount Cronin in the farthest south of the range, around Brunt to the northwest of that. The northeastern chunk of the range is centred around Netalzul, north of that is a massif focussed on Thoen, and to the northwest of that and in the northernmost and highest part of the range is Mount Thomlinson. Between the Brunt and Thomlinson massifs is the lower, smaller Natlan massif. Terrain: The highest peaks such as Mount Cronin, The Galleon and Mount Hyland all have small glaciers on their flanks, generally less than 1 square km in area.

Top Trips
Climb of Mount Cronin (in Babine Mountain Park) Kathie Wagar
Cronin - Higgins Loop with climb of Cronin Robin Tivy
Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke Robin Tivy
A Scramble Route up The Galleon Kathie Wagar

Top Photos
Thomlinson Glacier Trevor Doerksen
Mount Hyland, Babine Mountain Park Kathie Wagar
Thomlinson South Side Trevor Doerksen
Hyland Peak - Southeast Kathie Wagar

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