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Adamant Range
Parent Area: Big Bend Ranges

Area: 382 sq km.Location: This portion of the Selkirks is focused around Adamant Mountain, and lies between the valleys of Austerity and Stitt Creek, on the west, that of Windy Creek, on the northwest, and Kinbasket Lake on the east. Its southern boundary with the Sandford Range is defined by the valley of Palmer Creek and the Sandford Glacier. Geographically, you'd think Redan Pass and Adamant Pass would be the boundary between the Adamant Range and the Sir Sandford Range, but traditionally, guidebooks have put the boundary as Silvertip Pass and Azimuth Notch, which places Azimuth Mountain within the Sir Sandford Group, even though it's on the ridge extending from Blackfriars.

Top Trips
2008 KMC Climbing Camp : Among the Adamants: Sandra McGuinness
Peak Bagging in the Adamant Range Sandra McGuinness
Sir William Ski Tour Andrea Petzold

Top Photos
The Stickle - North Face Stephen Skog
The Adamant and Gothics Groups Jeff Volp
North Face of Pioneer Peak Stephen Skog
The East Side of the Adamant Group Jeff Volp
Blackfriars North Face Ramsay Dyer
Enterprise Peak: Southeast face Sandra McGuinness
Damon and Pythias Stephen Skog
Gibraltar Peak and The Toadstool Sandra McGuinness
Skier Enroute to Friendship Col: Mount Colossal and Enterprise Peak Sandra McGuinness
Adamant and the Gothics from the South Doug Brown
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