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Bridge-Lillooet Divide (includes Hurley Range)
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 858 sq km.   Location: This is the area west of Hurley River Road between Lillooet River and Bridge River valleys, as far west as Salal Creek/Lillooet Icefield. Terrain: The terrain in the Bridge-Lillooet Divide is a mixture of small icefields and high meadowed passes with a few high summits projecting from a sea of lower peaks in the 7500-8500 foot elevation range. Most of the rock is granitic but there are areas of metamorphic rock particularly around Mt. Samson. The granite tends to be highly frost...more

Top Trips
Adventures near Athelney Pass: Ochre Mountain and Salal Peak Lucas Earl
Hurley Horseshoe on Skis Robin Tivy
Blisters and Ticks - Taseko-Lillooet Traverse Fred Touche
Plinth Peak, North Face - the Beautiful Nightmare Drew Brayshaw
The Corn Snow Tour: Lone Goat Creek to Railroad Pass Sandra McGuinness
The Bridge Glacier- Athelney Pass Expedition Klaus Haring
Mount Job - Possible First Ascent Fred Touche
The Great Tchaikazan - Lillooet Traverse Part 2: Failure Klaus Haring
Salal Creek Route Description to Athelney Pass Steve Grant
Runaway Train: Traverse of the Railroad Group Gili Rosenberg
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Top Photos
Mount Ethelweard's Image Reflected Stephen Skog
Sampson from Vayu Tyler Linn
Climbers on Vayu's Northwest Ridge Gerry Kollmuss
Sloan NE Ridge Steph Durocher
Delilah - Northeast Face Doug Brown
Sessel from the North Doug Brown
Boulder/Salal Divide - Panorama Stephen Skog
Upper Salal Creek Valley from Athelney Pass Lucas Earl
Handcar Peak from Caboose-Faceless Col - April Robin Tivy
Ochre Mountain Stephen Skog
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