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Stikine Icecap (Ratz Icefield (Sawyer Glacier))
Parent Area: Boundary Ranges

Area: 21869 sq km.Location: A massive icefield located west of the Stikine River, in northern BC.

Includes: Includes the small icecap between the Whiting and Taku rivers. Terrain: The terrain is almost entirely icecap, with even the highest peaks sometimes barely projecting above the ice. The highest peak is Mount Ratz. On the north is the massive Sawyer Glacier which flows west into Tracy Arm and into Stephens Passage. On the southeast is the Great Glacier, which flows down almost to the Stikine River, within a short dayhike from the Stikine. To the southwest, the Le Conte glacier comes right down and breaks off into the ocean, the farthest glacier south to do so. Further north, the Biard Glacier and Dawes Glacier do the same thing.

Top Trips
Stikine Icecap - Endicott Arm to Tracy Arm Dave Williams
Coast Range, Saint Elias and Chugach Mountains Traverse (multiyear) Dave Williams
Stikine Icecap: A traverse from Baird Glacier to Shakes Glacier Betsy Waddington
Life In A Milk Bottle - Whiting River to Taku Lodge Dave Williams
Whiting Lake to Gilbert Bay On Foot Dave Williams
Revisiting the Stikine Icecap Dave Williams

Top Photos
Mount Ratz from the East John Scurlock
Devils Thumb Northwest Face John Scurlock
Kates Needle - North Face John Scurlock
Burkett, Burkett Needle, Devil's Thumb From North John Scurlock
Looking Back at Peak 8095 from Camp Dave Williams
Ratz, Northeast Face from Air John Scurlock
Iceweb East Face John Scurlock
Valhalla, Valhalla N1 and Valhalla N2 John Scurlock
Rocket Peak From The West John Scurlock
Mussell and Noel North Faces John Scurlock
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