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Cheja Range (Chutine Icefield)
Parent Area: Stikine Icecap

Area: 732 sq km. Location: In icefield-bound range on the inside perimeter of the Alaska Panhandle in Northwestern BC, in between the South Whiting River and the Samotua River and just to the south of the slightly lower Chechidla Range to the NE. The Cheja Range is connected by icefield and landmass to the Sawyer Glacier area of the Alaska Boundary, and is about 30km N of Mt Owens. The southern boundary of the range is indeterminate, but seems to lie roughly along the latitude of the large icefield at the source of the Samotua and Chutine Rivers and a stream flowing westward into Whiting Lake. This more or less corresponds to a line of latitude (58:02 or so) drawn between the first and last boundary points listed above. Terrain: Heavily glaciated with contiguous icefields almost throughout except for one isolated massif on the northeastern corner near Whiting Lake, which is not conjoined glacially with the rest of the range.

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