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Telkwa Ranges
Parent Area: Bulkley Ranges

Area: 2380 sq km.Location: The name "Telkwa Range" is sprawled across two distinct clusters of peaks on the 1:250,000 map. They lie east of the Howson Range and south of the Telkwa River. The two clusters are referred to as the "Eastern Telkwa range" including Eagle Peak and the "Western Telkwa Range", the larger alpine area around Mount Forster (the "Forster" Range). Separating them is the heavily wooded Howson Creek flowing north to the Telkwa river, and Thautil River flowing south to the Morice River. Terrain: These ranges have few glaciers, nowhere near as glaciated as the Howson Range to the west.

Top Trips
Mount Forster - Attempt from the North Kathie Wagar
Mount Forster attempt via Grizzly Lakes Road Robin Tivy
Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke Robin Tivy

Top Photos
Mount Forster (Ned's Peak) in the Telkwa Range Kathie Wagar

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