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De Smet Range
Parent Area: Front Ranges

Area: 230 sq km.   Location: Southwest of the lower Snake Indian River Terrain: The range is a single long, discontinuous ridge broken by several tributary streams of the Snake Indian River. Roche De Smet is the highest point in the range. History: The range is named after its high point, Roche De Smet, which in turn was named by Iroquois working in the fur trade in honour of Belgian missionary Pierre-Jean de Smet (1801-1873) who worked among the native population of the northwestern United States and Western...more

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Top Photos
Mount Greenock from Cinquefoil Mountain David Wasserman
Mount Cumnock Eric Coulthard
De Smet Range Panorama Eric Coulthard
Roche De Smet from the Celestine Lake Road Eric Coulthard
Mount Cumnock from the East Dieter Kepper
Mount Bistre Dieter Kepper
Roche De Smet from the East Dieter Kepper

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