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Garibaldi Ranges
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 4337 sq km. Location: This area contains both some of the most well-travelled parts of the southern Coast Mountains - and some of the most remote. It chiefly comprises Garibaldi Provincial Park, plus Golden Ears and Judge Howay Provincial Parks; most of this area is technically part of the Pacific Ranges subgrouping, although Crickmer, Golden Ears and Robie Reid are usually mapped as being part of the Front Ranges. A rough boundary has been drawn from the head of Pitt Lake to Brackendale via the Mamquam River, but really the sections of the Front Ranges that form the North Shore Mountains and Coquitlam Lake and Pinecone-Burke Mtn Areas are part of the same "system". The western half of this area, accessed via side roads and trails from Highway 99, is heavily accessed by urban users, as is increasingly the Golden Ears and Pitt Lake area; the eastern area towards the Lillooet River and north of Stave Lake remains extremely remote and difficult to access.

There is some overlap with the Chehalis/Douglas Ranges as an arbitrary line has been drawn from Port Douglas to mid-Stave Lake; the conventional dividing line between the Douglas Ranges and those northwest of them is Sloquet Creek. Golden Ears Park has been included in the term "Garibaldi" partly for convenience sake but not without historical precedent; until 1970 or so Golden Ears Park was part of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

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Wedgemount Glacier - Before the Recession Gerry Kollmuss
Mount Robie Reid from Golden Ears Justin Brown
Mount Pitt to Wolverine Pass Doug Brown
Judge Howay from the Air Paul Kubik
Judge Howay from Sir Richard on The Wonderful McBride Traverse Sandra McGuinness
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Old Pierre, Remote, and Mount Lamont from Robertson Peak Drew Brayshaw
Mt. Garibaldi from Gentian Peak Alan Nurmeste
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Snowcap Icefield Don Funk
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