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Omineca Mountains
Parent Area: BC Interior Mountains

Area: 47893 sq km. Location: The boundaries are the Nation River and lakes (south), Rocky Mountain Trench and Williston Lake (east), Finlay River (north), and Takla Lake, Driftwood River, Bear Lake, acting as a northern border. Terrain: The highest peaks are up to 2400 m in this obscure mountain range in north central British Columbia. The range provides an important habitat for moose and the woodland Caribou. The southern portion of the range is made up of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary and massive crystalline rocks. History: The earliest evidence of humans in the area a prehistoric graveyard on the Omineca River. The first non-natives arrived during the Omineca gold rush of 1870-1872. An portion along the Omineca river in the central part of the range was designated a provincial park in 2001.

Top Trips
Northern BC Traverse 1997 - Stewart to Fort Nelson Bob Saunders

Top Photos
Sustut Peak Wally Werstuik
Mount Forrest Wally Werstuik
Aereo photo of Sustut Peak Wally Werstuik
Mount Bates Wally Werstuik
Unnamed mountains of the McConnell Range Wally Werstuik

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