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Saint Elias Mountains (Saint Elias Range)
Parent Area: Pacific Cordillera Range

Area: 112510 sq km.   Location: The Saint Elias Mountains contain Canada's highest and most massive peaks. The chain is made up of two main systems of ranges separated by the narrow Duke Depression. The northeastern Kluane Ranges, which can be seen from the Alaska Highway, are made up of mountains averaging 2500 m in height. The Icefield Ranges to the southwest contain all of Canada's 5000-m peaks and all 4000-m peaks except one. The Saint Elias mountains are really the same chain as the Wrangell and Chugach...more

Top Trips
Crevasse Ball Room: Mount Fairweather Attempt Fred Touche
The Logan Dissolution - Solo Climb of Mount Logan Fred Touche
Traverse of Wrangell and Saint Elias Ranges (Mount Steele) Betsy Waddington
Mount Logan Winter Expedition 1984 Bill Maurer
Dry Bay to Lynn Canal via Fairweather (350 km Traverse) Betsy Waddington
Kluane Rambles: Donjek to Duke Headwaters David Campbell
Fairweather Mountain : Living in the Clouds David Henry
British Mount Augusta Expedition 1993 Ade Miller
Averstone-Hubbard-Kennedy Massif on Skis Cam Shute
Mount Logan and Back without Air Support Errol T.R. Smith
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Top Photos
Logan Massif from the Northeast Fred Touche
Fairweather Mountain from Grand Plateau Glacier Betsy Waddington
Mount Vancouver - Northeast Side Don Funk
Mount Augusta and the Logan Massif Don Funk
The Auriol Range Klaus Haring
North Face of Mount Wood Eric DeGiuli
Mount Lucania - Northeast Flank Fred Touche
Warbler Ridge up to Summit of Mount Logan Frank W. Baumann
Mount Kennedy, Mount Alverstone, and Mount Hubbard Don Funk
Mount Walsh - West Side Don Funk
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