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Purcell Mountains (Purcells)
Parent Area: Columbia Mountains

Area: 24240 sq km.Location: The Purcells are located in southwestern British Columbia, west of the Rocky Mountains. They are one of the Interior Ranges of British Columbia. Terrain: Composed mostly of sedimentary rocks, including argillites, sandstones and limestones. Of particular interest to mountaineers are the numerous granitic intrusions such as the Bugaboos and the St Mary Batholith. Non-granitic rocks in the Purcells are generally quite old - compression in Paleocene times thrusted the overlying rocks eastwards into Alberta, forming the Rocky Mountains. The Purcells are generally 500 m lower than the Rockies, but there are still numerous peaks between 3300 and 3500 m. History: The Purcells were named by James Hector for Dr. Goodwin Purcell (1817-1876), one of Hector's medical instructors. Purcell served on the selection committee for the Palliser Expedition, which traversed the area.

Top Trips
Dogtooth Range Exploration, and Climb of Dogtooth Peak Robin Tivy
St Mary's Greatest Hits: Nowitka Dean Richards
Horsing Around up Granite Creek (Mount Findlay) Doug Brown
Various Routes on Mt. Farnham, from Farnham Creek Orvel Miskiw
Ascent of Truce Mountain and Cauldron Peter F. Green
Lake Bonny Gem and Mount McLeod Dean Richards
Hot Springs, Glaciers, and Granite - a Ski Traverse into the Leaning Towers Group Jeff Volp
Shangri-La and Ethelbert via Templeton Lake Robin Tivy
Mount Brewer and Ben Abel Lake Robin Tivy
Tagging Some 11,000ers: A Trip to the Commander Group Doug Brown
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Top Photos
Farnham From North Ridge of The Cleaver Doug Brown
Mount Findlay Doug Brown
The Drying of the Purcells: Eyebrow, Birthday and the Starbird Glacier Sandra McGuinness
Hall Peak and Leaning Towers from the East Doug Brown
Jumbo and Karnak Doug Brown
Mounts Clutterbuck and Lees Doug Brown
Truce Mountain, Jumbo Pass and the Horseshoe Glacier Group Doug Brown
Howser Tower (Howser Spire) Southwest Face John Scurlock
Mount Pambrun from the Southeast Doug Brown
East Face of Mt. Monica Doug Brown
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Alpine Journal Articles
1914 First Ascents Of Mt. Farnham And Mt. Farnham Tower (1914) A. H. MacCarthy
1915 Climbs and Explorations in the Purcell Range in 1915 - Ethelbert W. E. Stone
1915 Climbs and Explorations in the Purcell Range in 1915 - Delphine W. E. Stone
1928 Trails of the Athabaska and Columbia, 1928 - Part 2 J Munroe Thorington
1959 The 1959 H.M.C. Climbing Camp George Millikan
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