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Skeena Mountains
Parent Area: BC Interior Mountains

Area: 32850 sq km. Location: The Skeena Mountains lie at the headwaters of the Skeena River in Northwestern BC. Of course by their very nature, any mountain range is going to be drained by more than one river, names like Skeena mountains simply reflect a viewpoint of people on the Skeena River. To the north, the so called Skeena mountains are drained by the Stikine River. On the northeast they are bounded by The Spatsizi Plateau, and then the Omineca Mountains. On the west they are bounded roughly by the Stewart Cassiar Highway. The southernmost point is roughly Hazelton. To the southeast, the mountains give way to a series of large lakes such as Babine Lake and Stuart Lake, east and south of which is the Nechako Plateau.

Top Trips
Climb of Mount Cronin (in Babine Mountain Park) Kathie Wagar
Cronin - Higgins Loop with climb of Cronin Robin Tivy
Northern BC Traverse 1997 - Stewart to Fort Nelson Bob Saunders
Smithers Road Trip in the big smoke Robin Tivy
A Scramble Route up The Galleon Kathie Wagar

Top Photos
Shedin Peak from Kispiox N3 Graeme Pole
Mt Cronin and panorama of Babine Mountains from Ganokwa SW4 Graeme Pole
Blunt Mountain from Lakeye Graeme Pole
Mount Thomlinson Group from Kispiox N3 Graeme Pole
Netalzul Graeme Pole
Gitksan Peak Graeme Pole
Natlan Peak Graeme Pole
Shedin Peak and the Atna Range from Kispiox N3 Graeme Pole
Burning Mountain, "Front Peak" of Mt. Thomlinson Graeme Pole
Mt Cronin and The Galleon from Grassy Ridge Graeme Pole
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