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Elk River Mountains
Parent Area: Vancouver Island Ranges

Area: 112 sq km. Location: Located in the heart of Strathcona Park this rugged and severe group is truly spectacular. The area is accessed via the Elk River Drainage and provides for some of the best (and most challenging) mountaineering on Vancouver Island. Terrain: Steep rock and glaciers are the name of the game up here. Most of the major peaks have at least one non-technical route but one should be prepared for exposure. For those so inclined long, technical and strung-out rock routes abound. Mount Colonel Foster and the Elk River was the location of an interesting geological disturbance. In 1949 an earthquake broke a slide free from the N peak. The resulting debris swept down into Slide Lake and further down into the Elk River Valley.

Top Trips
Golden Hinde Traverse with a Twist: From the Elk River to Phillips Creek Gord Johnson
Traverse of Mount Colonel Foster Steven Harng
Summit Traverse - Mount Colonel Foster Henrik Hinkkala
Elkhorn Mountain by the Northwest Ridge Len Zedel
Elk River Ramble - Climb Rambler Peak, Mount Devoe Len Zedel
Rambler Peak via Standard Route Gord Johnson
Kings Peak via trail from Highway 28 Tom Tiedje
Marble Meadows to Elk River via Golden Hinde Tim Deutscher
Elkhorn Northwest Ridge Warren Baker
Kings Peak - September Hike/Scramble Dean Richards
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Top Photos
Elkhorn from North Reid Holmes
Mount Colonel Foster: North Tower in Clouds Steven Harng
Puzzle Mountain from the East Dean Richards
Mount Colonel Foster (Vancouver Island) in Early January 1996 Sandy Briggs
Rambler Peak and Upper Elk River Valley Len Zedel
Mount Colonel Foster from the Southeast Len Zedel
Elkhorn Mountain from Trio Mountain Sasha Kubicek
Kings Peak from Rte. 28 Rest Stop Lucas Earl
Kings Peak from Trio Mountain Sasha Kubicek
Elkhorn South West Side Steven Harng
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