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Squamish-Cheakamus Divide

Area: 1231 sq km.Location: The Squamish-Cheakamus Divide is located north of the town of Squamish, between the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers. It is bounded to the north by the Ryan River, to the east by the Lillooet and Cheakamus rivers, and to the south and west by the Squamish River, Soo River and Rutherford Creek. The area doesn't include the Pemberton Icefields' Terrain: An area of high snowfall which often persists until late July. Generally, the terrain consists of rolling ridges and granitic rock. The Cayley Group-Mt. Fee area is a spectacular volcanic complex which is not as well-known as the Garibaldi group, and which was active up until about 8000 years ago. Volcanic rock can be found sporadically draped over top of granitic rock along the divide. There are even some small lava tube caves west of Brew Lake. History: This area offers suberb backcountry skiing but has recently been overun by hundreds of snowmobilers.

The Powder Mountain area is the scene of numerous legal battles over who has the right to build a no doubt money-losing ski development which would be an excuse for speculators to make money flipping real estate nearby.

Callaghan Lake area prominently features in 2010 Olympics planning.

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Cayley Complex from Brandywine-Fee Col Robin Tivy
Ipsoot and Little Ring Paul Kubik
South Side of Little Ring Marek Labecki
South Tower of Mount Fee Marek Labecki
Cloudburst from Tricouni Steve Sproule
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"Dropping In" to Gin and Tonic Mitch Sulkers
Sugarloaf Mountain - East Side Fred Touche
Callaghan Rock Slide (July 2000) Neil Cole
Pyroclastic Peak and Mount Cayley from the Southeast Don Funk
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