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Sampson Group
Parent Area: Bridge-Lillooet Divide

Area: 78 sq km. Location: A compact group of mountains located northeast of North Creek, and south of the Hurley River; immediately west of Railroad Pass.

Top Trips
Hurley Horseshoe on Skis Robin Tivy
The Corn Snow Tour: Lone Goat Creek to Railroad Pass Sandra McGuinness
Requiem for a Firefly - Mount Samson Steph Durocher
Quest for Mount Sampson Part 2: Blizzard Klaus Haring
Mount Samson North Face Direct Reid Holmes
Mount Sampson Traverse - Tradition and the Individual Talent Jason Sinnes
Upper Hurley/Thiassi Area - BCMC Christmas Ski Trip, 1990 Steve Grant
Climbing Mount Samson from the South Steve Grant
Quest for Mount Sampson Part 3: Success Klaus Haring
Quest for Mount Sampson Part 1 - Reconnaissance Klaus Haring
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Top Photos
Sampson from Vayu Tyler Linn
Sessel from the North Doug Brown
Delilah - Northeast Face Doug Brown
Mt. Sampson North Face Paul Morton
Philistine Peak from the North Robin Tivy
Sampson and Delilah from Pebble Peak Jordan Peters
Delilah from Northwest Robin Tivy
Sampson From Vayu Drew Brayshaw
Luxuria Peak from Zorah Peak Robin Tivy
Summit of Sessel on Normal Route Robin Tivy
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