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Cayoosh Range East (Cayoosh Range)
Parent Area: Cayoosh Range

Area: 473 sq km. Location: The Cayoosh Range is divided into east and west, with Haylmore Creek (and its east fork) as the boundary line. The eastern Cayoosh Range lies between Cayoosh Creek and Anderson and Seton Lakes. Its very southeastern edge forms the walls of the Cayoosh Canyon, while its southern stretches form the north ridge above Duffey Lake.

Terrain: The eastern part is considerably drier than the western part and is mostly unglaciated. It also seems to have higher ridges and and more of the higher peaks in the range (charted ones, anyway) - consistently over 2600m and 2550m with connecting ridges in the 2450-2500m range, compared to summits of 2500m and less in the western half of the range. Its valleys are noticeably much steeper and narrower than in the western half. There are many more high peaks in this area than can be listed in due to this site's restriction peaks under so many hundred metres of prominence. The peaks in the eastern Cayoosh are connected by long ridges that are not much less in elevation than the peaks themselves; as a result a great many high summits in this area are not documented here, although this is one of the higher areas of the Lillooet Ranges.

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Seton Ridge to Downton Ridge Stewart Douglas
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Revolutions -- Partway Round Downton Creek Jordan Peters
Western Cayoosh: Mount Rohr to Hurley Silver Mine Traverse Mitch Sulkers
Access issues at the Hurley Silver Mine area Bram van Straaten
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On South Ridge of Seton Peak Jordan Peters
Crux on the North Ridge of Melvin Peak Greg Jones
Downclimbing the South Face of Soprano Jordan Peters
North Face of Soprano Peak Jordan Peters
Peaks on the Lost/Downton Divide Greg Jones
Eastern Cayoosh Range from Seton Ridge trail Don Funk
Lost and Found Peaks from NE Klaus Haring
Upper Twin Lake and Elliott Peak Simon Chesterton
Melvin Peak - North Face Greg Jones
Whatever You Want: Eastern Cayoosh Goodness Greg Jones
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