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Bonnington Range
Parent Area: Selkirk Mountains

Area: 1366 sq km.Location: The Bonnington Range is a small range of lightly treed summits SW of Nelson, BC. Terrain: The Bonnington Range is Nelson's backyard and is heavily used by recreationalists of all types. Peaks are generally low, few exceed 2,300 metres and generally have lightly treed summits. The most interesting peaks for hiking and ski touring form a horseshoe around the headwaters of Erie Creek. History: The original inhabitants of the West Kootenays were the Kootenai (water people) Indians who lived along the rivers and lakes harvesting fish, game, fruits and seeds. Gold was discovered in 49 Creek in the late 1800's leading to a minor gold rush. About 10 years later, silver was discovered on Toad Mt and another mini-rush occurred. It is likely that miners climbed many (if not all) the peaks of the Bonnington Range in their search for gold, silver and copper. There are still many mining claims scattered around the Bonington Range.

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