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Goat Range (Kootenays)
Parent Area: Slocan Ranges

Area: 1700 sq km.<br>Southeast of the Lardeau Range, the Goat Range includes the highest peaks in the Slocan Ranges. It is separated from the Lardeau Range by Poplar Creek and Kuskanax Creek, and border the Nakusp Range to the West. There are discrepancies in the literature as to whether Poplar Creek is in fact the boundary between the Lardeau Range and the Goat Range. Putnam (1977) includes the Spyglass Group in the Goat Range. Old Canadian Alpine Journal articles contradict each other. Whipple and Kratky in Southern Selkirks and Northern Purcells (2010) put Poplar Creek as the boundary, which seems to align with the 1:50,000 maps.

Top Trips
Deep in the Goat Range: Cascade Mountain, Poplar Lakes, Mount Marion attempt Dean Richards
Mount Cooper ski ascent Cindy Walker
Summer Skiing on Mount Brennan Sandra McGuinness
Side-Hilling to Mount Schroeder Sandra McGuinness
Ski Touring the Southeast Ridge of Whitewater Mountain Sandra McGuinness
Reco Mountain on Skis Sandra McGuinness
Second time around on the Goat traverse Justin Vance
Mount Jordan On Skis Sandra McGuinness
Confessions of a Peak-Bagger: Climbing Inverness Mountain with the KMC Sandra McGuinness
Meadow Mountain - One of the Best Ridge Walks in the West Kootenays Sandra McGuinness
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Top Photos
Mount Denver and Goat Range from Gladsheim Drew Brayshaw
Cascade Mountain from the Southeast Dean Richards
Whitewater Mountain and Mount Brennan Sandra McGuinness
Another View of Mount Cooper Sandra McGuinness
Triple Peaks from Cascade Mountain Dean Richards
Kootenay Lake and Mount Brennan Sandra McGuinness
Mount Jardine, North Side Sandra McGuinness
Marten W2- East Face Greg Jones
'Dedalus Peak' from the North Dean Richards
'Mount Barnacle' from the Northeast Dean Richards
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