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The Tahumming Range (Tahumming-Klite-Filer)
Parent Area: Pacific Ranges

Area: 974 sq km.Location: North of the Toba River & Toba Inlet, south of Southgate River & Compton Neve, east of streams draining to Bute Inlet. Terrain: This is wild granite country. Long ridge systems are bounded by immense granite walls and slabs dropping to low, wet valley bottoms. The northern part is glaciated while the southern part is not. There are some amazing granite peaks and spires.The climate is wet much of the year, but frequently dry and warm during July-August.

"The Tahumming" as used here is a bit more encompassing than the way in which the phrase is normally used. Specifically, the Klite and Filer Creek drainages have been largely included within the "Tahumming" area boundaries. History: Roger Prentice and Frank Daw visited the area in 1938 and climbed Diagonal Mtn. and False Portal Peak.

The area was visited by American mountaineers in the 1950's and 60's who climbed peaks in the glaciated northern portions around Icewall Lake.

In the 1980's, John Clarke and John Baldwin traversed around the entire Tahumming drainage. Clarke considered this the most scenic of any of his high level traverses. The traverse has subsequently attained a measure of popularity and has been repeated several times since. It is generally done from east to west, starting on the Tahumming-Klite divide and finishing near The Champion.

Top Trips
Tahumming Traverse John Baldwin

Top Photos
View from Klite Peak John Baldwin
Garrulous Peak from the South (Emma Lake Region - Telephoto) Norm Schmidt
Klite and Surrounding Peaks from the Air Scott Pick
Klite and Headwall Creek Divide Drew Brayshaw
Generic Coast Mountains Photograph Scott Pick

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