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Compton Neve Ranges
Parent Area: Lillooet Icefield

Area: 713 sq km.Location: East of the Homathko Icefield, south of Bishop River, north of Toba River and Filer Creek, and west of the Lillooet Icefield, this range is one of the more remote and infrequently visited parts of the southern Coast Mountains. Terrain: The Compton Neve is the largest glacier, but there is continuous ice from the Lillooet to the Tahumming headwaters. Gilbert and Raleigh are the largest peaks; there are numerous smaller ones. The area around the heads of Montrose and Filer Creeks is a wilderness of steep granite spires and valley walls. History: The "10,000 footers" Gilbert and Raleigh were first climbed in the 1950's. John Clarke and John Baldwin (with others, including Bruce Fairley, Rob Driscoll and Jean Heinemann) made the first traverses and accounted for most of the remaining peaks in the 1980's. There are still some unclimbed peaks, and numerous unclimbed routes, in the area. There are big technical lines on some peaks near the Tahumming, and two Grade V, 5.10 routes on Gilbert (Friendly Giant and West Pillar).

Top Trips
The Route of Stanley Smith in 1893 Robin Tivy

Top Photos
Homathko Icefield and Compton Neve from Northwest Drew Brayshaw
The Roanoke Group (Peak 9501) Paul Adam
Mount Gilbert and Cleaver Peaks from Mt. Raleigh, in living b&w Glenn Woodsworth
Compton Mountain and Toba Peak From The West John Scurlock
Mount Gilbert from the Air Scott Pick
Mount Filer From the Distant South (Emma Lake Region -Telephoto) Norm Schmidt
Compton Mountain from the Distant South (Emma Lake Region - Telephoto) Norm Schmidt
Mounts Raleigh and Gilbert Scott Pick
The east face of Mount Raleigh from Mount Eurydice Glenn Woodsworth
The Complete East Face of Arabella (Peak 8715) Paul Adam
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