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Fitzsimmons Range
Parent Area: Garibaldi Ranges

Area: 108 sq km. Location: The Fitzimmons Range is bounded on the Northeast by Fitzsimmons Creek, on the East and South by the Cheakamus River, and by the Whistler Valley on the Northwest. Terrain: The Fitzsimmons Range is primarily composed of gentle, rounded summits to the west and more jagged, glaciated summits to the east. The western portion of the range makes for excellent all-season travel in a relatively non-technical environment. The eastern portion of the range includes a number of committing routes. History: The Fitzsimmons Range, particularly in the west, has been a favourite mountain playground since settlers first arrived in the Alta Lake Valley, which is now known as the Resort Municipality of Whistler. The easy access by trail and route from Nita Lake served early mountaineers and recreationalists well, allowing relatively fit parties access to extensive alpine meadows and bowls only a couple hours from the valley bottom. With the building of the Whistler Mountain ski lifts from the 1960's on, recreationalists contined to move further into the range, with the first link-up to the north--with the Spearhead Range--being made in the mid-60's. The varied geologic nature of the range, including a number of outcrops of mineral rich ores, led to extensive prospecting in the area. While little remains of these endeavours beyond the old mines crossed by the Singing Pass Trail, the naming of natural features in this area reflects this history.

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Overlord and Fitzsimmons Glacier Klaus Haring
Canada Jay or Whiskey-Jack Mitch Sulkers
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