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Spectrum Range
Parent Area: Boundary Ranges

Area: 647 sq km. Location: Located in the Tatlan highland, 20 km west of the Stewart Cassiar highway, south of Mount Edziza and north of Arctic Lake Plateau. It is separated from the heavily glaciated Boundary Ranges to the west by Mess Creek. Mess Creek flows north to the Stikine River at Telegraph Creek. On the north, Raspberry Pass and Bourgeaux Creek separate the Spectrum Range from the "Big Raven Plateau" which contains Mount Edziza itself. The Spectrum Range falls within Mount Edziza Provincial Park.

Terrain: The Spectrum range is lightly glaciated, as compared to the ranges to the west. Parties traversing the Edziza Plateau often start by traversing the Spectrum range first.

Top Trips
Edziza Ski Traverse - Bukley Lake to Arctic Lake Betsy Waddington

Top Photos
Vintage Govt Aerial of Spectrum Range (Edziza Plateau/Tahltan Highland) Mike Cleven

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