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Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park (Pinecone-Burke Park)

Area: 667 sq km.Location: The park borders the southwest corner of Garibaldi Provincial Park and extends south to Widgeon Lake along the west side of Pitt Lake and Pitt River. Terrain: This 38 000 hectare park is the largest in the Lower Mainland. Widgeon Slough is the largest freshwater marsh in southwestern British Columbia and the Meslillooet icefield the closest glacier to Vancouver. Much of the park is old-growth forests with several alpine lakes and rugged mountains. History: Pincone-Burke Provincial Park was created in 1996 after a lengthy battle between loggers and environmentalists. The park is part of the traditional territory of the Katzie First Nations people and remains a wilderness area with no facilities.

Top Trips
Meslilloet Self-Propelled Jason Addy
Hypothermic Bivouac on Osprey Mountain Fred Touche
Climb Peaks around Watersprite Lake - Dreadnought, Gibson and Martin Robin Tivy
Meslilloet West Ridge Multi-Modal Steve Grant
Mamquam SW Explorations Anthony Mallinson
Widgeon Peak and Coquitlam Mountain (Boat Approach) Peter Gumplinger
Pinecone Peak Via Knothole Lake Robin Tivy
Watersprite Lake via initial route Robin Tivy
The long way to Bonnycastle Klaus Haring
Burke Ridge Day Hike: Pika peak via Munroe Lake Robin Tivy
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Top Photos
Five Fingers Group Paul Kubik
Meslilloet Mountain Simon Chesterton
Moonrise over Five Fingers Simon Chesterton
Mount Bonnycastle and Indian Arm Wayne Weber
Coquitlam Mountain from the West Simon Chesterton
Pinecone Peak in Spring from Knothole Lake Trail Simon Chesterton
Meslilloet South Ridge Paul Kubik
Peneplain Peak - Southeast Aspect Justin Brown
Martin Peak (From near Gibson Col) Simon Chesterton
Gabbro Mountain - Southeast Side Justin Brown
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